Society’s daily existence.

A captivating video sparked contemplation within me. We often spend our lives trying to assimilate, craving recognition in our full splendor. This realization resonates deeply that I find myself tearing for the chameleon. It’s a familiar sentiment — How frequently…


人和人的节奏不一样,有人3分钟泡面,有人3小时煲汤,有人外卖已送达。你要的方式就坚定走下去,别胡思乱想,每个花期都不一样,就不必焦虑,有人比你提前拥有,不要碰到一点压力就觉得自己不堪负重的样子。 成功之前,你这辈子该走的弯路、该吃的苦、该撞的南墙、该吃的亏一个都少不了。放下纠结,往前走。


從前的我總覺得自己有能力改變世界, 如今才知道自己用了多少精力才能不被改變。

It was a 5pm

As I flipped through my photo album, one particular picture taken on 21/11/2021 stood out to me. It’s not just a random photo; I could say it’s like a doorway to the past, especially because of how fasincated I was…

The Fading Colors

At 38, I’ve come to realize the extent of my transformation since my teenage years — the hard lessons of change. The struggle to articulate my discontent has intensified with age. Growing older, I often seek justification, convincing myself that…