It was a 5pm

As I flipped through my photo album, one particular picture taken on 21/11/2021 stood out to me. It’s not just a random photo; I could say it’s like a doorway to the past, especially because of how fasincated I was with the vibrant color of the sky in the background at that very moment. It got me thinking – while we’re all fixated on the idea of inventing time travel, the invention of cameras and photographs has, in a way, brought us closer to reliving moments from the past.

In our pursuit of grand breakthroughs like time travel, we’ve stumbled upon a more subtle yet powerful tool – photography. These frozen moments in pictures allow us to revisit the past, capturing emotions and memories that would otherwise fade away.

So here I am, putting my thoughts into words. It’s like creating a time capsule for my future self. Perhaps, when I’m navigating my way through my sixties, I can look back at these photos and reflections and connect with who I used to be and how I felt. My very personal attempt at time travel, using photographs and writings to preserve the essence of moments that might otherwise slip away.